Jared Ruga is an Emmy®-winning, GLAAD-nominated filmmaker and “creative suit” who founded Vavani Productions in 2017 to match underserved stories (and storytellers) with their audiences. Vavani’s first project was 2018 Sundance premiere QUIET HEROES, on which Jared was a director, producer, and executive producer. When he’s not co-hosting Inflection, he develops and supervises Vavani’s strategic vision, relationships, and IP. In a good week, Jared’s also a screenwriter, educator, and amateur mixologist, and he spent too much time in school at the University of San Diego (undergrad) and the University of Utah (grad school). He’s also a co-founder of the Impact Guild and the Lightspark Foundation and he splits his time between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City.

Kristy Johnson is a speaker, advocate, and stand-up comic who gained national attention by participating in the documentary film, NO CRIME IN SIN (2019). An activist for survivors’ rights, Kristy shines a light on systems that protect abusers and silence survivors, like the Mormon Church she grew up in. Kristy’s work and personal background has informed her perspective on life, emphasizing the importance of justice and self-validation. She is grateful for her family, movies, comedy clubs, and dancefloors with live music. Kristy is based in Salt Lake City and is currently working on a memoir, which distills some hard lessons rendered in sharp comic relief.

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