A conversational interview podcast hosted by Jared Ruga and Kristy Johnson, Inflection is stand-up-comedy-meets-armchair-therapy with the flair of a phone sex hotline, where guests explore the fallout from the most consequential pivot points of their lives. By way of witty (and often racy) banter and thoughtful questions, Jared and Kristy spur guests’ deep reflection on the moments that changed who they are, making space to unpack the anxiety, surprises, and breakthroughs that come with pondering the past. Ultimately, Inflection aims to inspire its audience with stories of hope, resilience, and grit—with a good dash of humor—to illustrate how these make-or-break moments define the depths of our humanity.

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Episode 1: Rachelle Call

Kristy and Jared interview Rachelle Call, a former Mormon-famous musician whose life has been an emotional rollercoaster of ecstatic highs and gut-punching lows.

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